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About Us



Established in June 2000 in Yangon, Horizon International School (HIS) is a private institution that offers a combined style, English-medium education to students of all nationalities. All parents desire the best possible education for their children in an in-depth and positive learning environment that will prepare them for future challenges in an increasingly borderless world. Horizon has grown since 2000 and now operates in four centers in two cities.


Our mission is to develop every student’s intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical skills through a balanced, challenging, and broad curriculum, differentiated instruction, wide-ranging extra-curricular activities, demanding programs, participation in international competitions, and moral guidance projects. We recognize that every child is different and has his/her particular needs to address in order to prepare to enter a complex world. Our dedicated team of teachers, administrators and staff strive to meet these needs through a curriculum that fosters the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to live successful and healthy lives, through a caring, safe, and positive learning environment. We aim to encourage students to become life-long, enthusiastic learners who can communicate with other people with love and tolerance by showing the utmost respect towards others’ beliefs and ideas.

  • HIS’s vision is to provide a quality international education that will
  • Prepare students intellectually, morally, socially, emotionally, and physically for admission to the best universities/institutions in the world.
  • Ensure the development of essential social and natural sciences knowledge.
  • Direct students into becoming effective communicators, networkers and cross-cultural team players.

We believe that…

  • Meeting the individual needs of all of our students is important and that every child can learn.
  • Learning should be fun,enjoyable and an unforgettable experience and that a love for learning should be instilled in every child.
  • It’s our duty to care about and accept responsibility for all of the children within our school family.

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